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Demand and Supply: TENZING’s Shift to Climate Transparency

TENZING has long been at the forefront of efforts to provide consumers with the information they need to make sustainable choices. To build on their existing approaches, and cement themselves as market leaders in the space, they were seeking to implement new, innovative technologies to better inform, nudge and reward customers for their green choices.

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Building Trust in the Narrative: Cast Living and Reewild

Cast Living, a purpose-driven interior design and furniture business based in the UK, was looking to support climate projects to compensate for the residual carbon produced from their activities. They were keen to ensure the projects not only supported global decarbonisation and nature restoration efforts, but also improved the livelihood of local communities. Together we built an investment programme that delivered those benefits, whilst providing communications support for their purpose-driven messaging.

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Goodfoodpeople’s climate positive journey, powered by Reewild

Good Food People (GFP) from Saladstop!, who owns over 20 outlets in APAC, were seeking to better understand and communicate the environmental impact of their plant-based meal range. With climate awareness rapidly climbing up the agenda in Asia, the company saw an opportunity to build a brand focussed around positive climate impact - not only to do better by the planet, but also to drive sales and appeal to the growing eco-conscious consumer base in the region.

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