Demand and Supply: TENZING’s Shift to Climate Transparency

tenzing drink

TENZING has long been at the forefront of efforts to provide consumers with the information they need to make sustainable choices. To build on their existing approaches, and cement themselves as market leaders in the space, they were seeking to implement new, innovative technologies to better inform, nudge and reward customers for their green choices.

We established ourselves as the world's first carbon labelled soft drink and who better to partner with to spread this education than Reewild. Freddie Davies, TENZING



Working with Reewild, TENZING set itself apart in the market by providing extra layers of climate transparency to its products, building trust and loyalty among its customer base. Together, we have completed the following steps:

  • The Reewild App
    • Consumers can now discover TENZING products in the Reewild app. Users can track the carbon footprint of their purchases and understand how consistently switching to TENZING drinks will ultimately minimise the impact of their energy drink choices.
  • Exclusive Offers
    • Reewild and TENZING are aligned on the need to show that sustainable options don’t need to cost more. By building exclusive offers into the Reewild app, TENZING can showcase the cost-effectiveness of purchasing its products vs the competition, driving new and repeat sales from Reewild’s app users.
screenshots of tenzing in Reewild app
  • Carbon E-Receipts
    • By plugging Reewild technology into their online checkout system, Reewild can automatically send their customers a carbon e-receipt after each purchase, which details the emissions of their shop and gives specific information about product carbon footprints. This provides each customer with deeper content while empowering them to track their carbon footprint and build better behaviours.

Building Loyalty and Brand Recognition

TENZING and Reewild are collectively leading the charge of the climate transparency movement. Consumers want climate information, and TENZING supplies it without ambiguity. Our partnership goes beyond simple climate data, instead empowering customers to engage further with their carbon footprint and rewarding them for reducing their impact. This in turn has helped to build customer loyalty and increase sales. 

Moving forward, we will continue to work together to break the mould of conventional shopping, in a bid to close the consumer climate action-ambition gap and support the transition to a more sustainable food sector.