Building Trust in the Narrative: Cast Living and Reewild

Cast Living, a purpose-driven interior design and furniture business based in the UK, was looking to support climate projects to compensate for the residual carbon produced from their activities. They were keen to ensure the projects not only supported global decarbonisation and nature restoration efforts, but also improved the livelihood of local communities. Together we built an investment programme that delivered those benefits, whilst providing communications support for their purpose-driven messaging.

"It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it! We are on a Net Zero carbon mission which requires accountability to do things differently." Cast Living



Working with Cast Living, Reewild could find projects that best fit the business narrative while providing greater transparency and traceability. Together, we have completed the following steps:

  • Project Research
      1. Over several months, we worked together to select projects that met stringent environmental criteria and came with storytelling potential - projects that could translate into tangible, relatable content for Cast Living's stakeholders.
  • Project Traceability
      1. With their emissions evaluated and projects selected, We provided Cast Living with the documentation that traced the projects back to their nascency. Armed with the necessary information, the company can now be transparent about the impact of the projects they support.
  • Public Transparency
    1. To draw back the curtains and allow Cast Living to take pride in the action they are taking, Reewild created a bespoke Public Impact Page and Impact Report. These act as information repositories and as effective communication tools to confidently spread the message and story behind Cast Living’s positive climate impact.
A snippet of Cast Living's Public Impact Page
Cast Living's current impact extends beyond their value chain, investing in climate action projects across the world.


A blend of transparency and communication

The climate of corporate responsibility is constantly evolving, and collective action and compelling communication will always be the drivers of real change. As we look forward, we will continue to support Cast Living’s climate action progress, embedding transparency and effective communication into the story of each supported project. Each project funded becomes an opportunity to not only restore nature, but to support the company’s narrative, providing credible evidence that Cast Living is indeed, legitimately a purpose-driven organisation.

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