Goodfoodpeople’s climate positive journey, powered by Reewild

Good Food People (GFP) from Saladstop!, who owns over 20 outlets in APAC, were seeking to better understand and communicate the environmental impact of their plant-based meal range. With climate awareness rapidly climbing up the agenda in Asia, the company saw an opportunity to build a brand focussed around positive climate impact - not only to do better by the planet, but also to drive sales and appeal to the growing eco-conscious consumer base in the region.

"We are delighted to be working with Reewild, who are supporting us in going fully climate transparent, and helping us to satisfy the growing demand for sustainable practices in the food retail industry." Laure Henguelle, Head of Goodfoodpeople


Working alongside Reewild, Good Food People has achieved significant progress in its mission to become climate transparent and increase market share among purpose-driven customers. Together, we have completed the following steps:

  • Life Cycle Assessment calculations
    • With the support of Reewild and partners CarbonCloud, all Good Food People meals have been thoroughly assessed to evaluate the carbon footprint at each lifecycle stage, from farm to fork. GFP is now armed with data on each product, highlighting emission hotspots in its supply chain, which can provide the foundations for carbon reductions.
  • Carbon labels
    • With most GFP products receiving a  Low or Very Low climate impact rating, Good Food People capitalised on this information to differentiate themselves from competitors. By being transparent about their emissions on-pack, they can highlight the environmental benefits of choosing their products versus alternative brands.
Chicken Katsu with carbon label
GFP worked with Reewild and CarbonCloud to carbon score their entire plant-based ready meal range.
Spicy Chorizo Meatballs with carbon label
GFP worked with Reewild and CarbonCloud to carbon score their entire plant-based ready meal range.
Jackfruit Gyoza and Carbon Label
GFP worked with Reewild and CarbonCloud to carbon score their entire plant-based ready meal range.
  • Carbon e-receipts
    • Beyond on-pack labels, GFP was also seeking to better inform their customers online. By plugging Reewild technology into their online checkout system, GFP can automatically send their customers a carbon e-receipt after each purchase, which details the emissions of their shop and gives specific information about your products' carbon footprint. This provides each customer with deeper content and empowers them to track their purchase in the Reewild carbon tracking app, encouraging them to start a personal journey to take control of their carbon footprint. 
  • Funding climate projects
    • With their emissions evaluated and their customers better informed, GFP also wanted to compensate for their unavoidable emissions by contributing to nature-based climate projects. Through Reewild’s Shopify plug-in, GFP automatically plants a tree for every online order. Their positive climate contributions are now proudly displayed on their website through a Reewild Public Impact widget as they plant their way to a fully-grown Company Forest. 
Reforestation project in Madagascar

GFP support many reforestation projects across the world, including this one in Madagascar.

Establishing Leadership

Being one of the first Singaporean-based businesses to display carbon labels and the very first to send carbon e-receipts, Good Food People is establishing itself as a market leader in the sustainable goods industry. 

As the partnership grows, we will continue strengthening the company's narrative and brand storytelling by connecting customers with their climate action journey and empowering them to build better behaviours.

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